University Center for
Public Safety
Our lead Reconstructionist, Michael Cowsert, is certified through
the State of Illinois and the Accreditation Commission for Traffic
Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR #1383) as a expert in Accident
Reconstruction.  Michael has reconstructed and testified in
several court venues for both criminal prosecution and the
defense as well as civil liability plaintiff and defense cases.  In
addition, Michael has over 20 years of law enforcement
Michael Cowsert Curriculum Vitae
  • 2007 Recognized Expert by the Accident Reconstruction
    Network (ARC)
  • 2007 Elected Vice President of the Illinois Association of
    Technical Accident Investigators
  • 2003 Certified through the Accreditation Commission for
    Traffic Accident Reconstruction #1383  (ACTAR)
  • 2002 Certified Illinois State Crash Reconstruction
  • 2002 Graduated from Northwestern Illinois Traffic Safety
  • 1996-Present Arlington Heights Police Officer
  • 1994 Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from University of
    Illinois Chicago

Specialized Training in:

  • 2012 certified in Integrated Driver Research and
    Response (Perception/Delay)
  • 2008 Criminal Interrogations and Behavioral Interviews
    (John Reid and Associates, Inc.)
  • Certified in 2007, 2009 and 2012 as a Crash Data
    Retrieval Technician and Analyst through Bosch.
  • 2005 Kinetic Energy and Crash Reconstruction from the
    Illinois Police and Training Management
  • 2005 Topcon Total Station and Data Collection Software
  • 2004 Highway Railway-Grade Crossing Collision
  • 2003 Vericom Accelerometer Certification (Vericom
    Computers Incorporated)
"I was thoroughly impressed
with Michael Cowsert's
expertise and dilligent work
ethic in the area of accident

John Koziol
Chief of Police
Palatine Police Department
Certified Illinois Crash