Crash Data Retrieval (continued)

Most vehicles today are equipped with an Event Data Recorder (EDR) which constantly
records data supplied by sensing diagnostic modules (SDMs) while a vehicle is in
operation.  The SDM is a mechanism inside a vehicle’s Airbag Control Module (ACM),
often referred to as a vehicle’s “black box.”  When an accident occurs requiring airbag
deployment, the EDR “wakes up” and requires information from the SDM, which it will
then permanently record in most cases.  Vetronix, a subsidiary of
Bosch, created the
system used to perform vehicle downloads.  Currently, the software is maintained with
regular updates by Vetronix.

Regardless of state, court proceedings have consistently accepted data retrieved from
EDR’s to support both criminal and civil liability cases.   In most states, EDR has met the
“Frye Standard” for admissibility.  In addition, knowing the value of the collected
information from CDR downloads, the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,
according to ruling NHTSA-2006-25666, 49 CFR Part 563 Titled: “Event Data
Recorders, directed all vehicle manufacturers in the United States to provide software to
Accident Reconstructionists and Law Enforcement agencies which can be used with
Bosch’s Crash Data Retrieval software to successfully extract vehicle diagnostic
information by 2013.“

Currently over 50 million vehicles are downloadable.  Closing Velocity’s lead Accident
Reconstructionist, Michael Cowsert, is certified through Bosch as both a Technician and
Analyst.  Whenever possible, Closing Velocity will perform CDR downloads to support
our physical reconstruction methods.
 It is crucial to contact Closing Velocity before
the vehicle is released from the respective police department hold so we are able to
extract the data before the vehicle is salvaged or repaired.

Each download our company performs will include an easy to follow,comprehensive
report to explain the data analysis.  We a full accident reconstruction is not necessary,
we can provide a CDR download to provide basic information regarding the cars

If you have questions about this service, please feel free to contact Closing Velocity Inc.  
Our initial consultations are always free.  Following our consultation, we will provide you
with the options that benefit your case.

Please click on the following link for CDR case law approved in North America:  
CDR Case Law
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Data which may be
obtained from CDR:
  • Speed
  • Braking
  • Seatbelt Use
  • Acceleration
  • RPM

All of this data can be
reported on seconds
before impact and
seconds after impact -
potentially providing
important evidence in
car crashes.
For court cases
where EDR's were
permitted as
evidence, please
click here.